Academic Conference

Transport And Accommodation

  1. Accommodation: there are different accommodation options in Morogoro (From about USD 30-40 and more per night) also in our College (about 15 USD per night). Jordan University College will assist on hotel reservation matters in our College only. Participants who will come from outside Tanzania are advised to book hotels, in advance, in case they will decide to spend some days in Dar es Salaam or any other city within Tanzania.
  2. Food is available for conference participants at standard academic prices . Note: the conference fee does not include this service.
  3. Travel: Morogoro Municipality is located 185 km. from Dar es Salaam Airport and 270 km. from Dodoma the Capital city of Tanzania. There are buses that operate between Dar es Salaam and Morogoro on daily basis at approximately US$ 10 return fare. You can catch these buses at the up-country Ubungo Bus Terminal (UBT). There are also flight services available between Dar es Salaam and Morogoro. Morogoro is also accessible by buses from all major cities in the Country. The participants are advised to inform the Organising Committee, in advance, on their arrival and departure dates for making necessary advice or eventually assistance especially on matters related to transport.
  4. Post-conference visit/tour: There will be an excursion to various tourist attractions available within Morogoro region. The areas selected for tour include but not limited to: Mikumi National Park around 110 km. from JUCo. The cost of such tour is not included in the conference fee.
  5. For more information, kindly contact the Organizing Committee through the following addresses:
    - or
    - Dr. Grzegorz Trela, Coordinator of the Conference, e-mail: or
    - Dr. Jacek Gorka, JUCo Director Outreach and Internalization, .